As a homeowner, are you familiar with what house siding options are available?

Exterior siding is a great addition to any Lake in the Hills IL home. Knowing your options is always an advantage. It gives you the chance to weigh the pros and cons. At the same time, you can also find out if there’s something that would suit your own preferences.

In today’s blog entry, we’ll talk about everything about house siding options. Aside from these, we believe that it is equally important to answer siding FAQs. Hence, we identified the questions that will be useful for every homeowner.

Let’s jump right to it…

Top House Siding Questions

Before you even think about your house siding options, take a look at the FAQs that we prepared. In this way, you’ll have more basic information on how to plan and execute your siding installation project.

Is there a recommended season for a siding project?

This is a normal question among many homeowners and it’s valid. You don’t want to go against Mother Nature, thus, it’s crucial to know if there are season-related implications. Here’s the answer…

Based on common industry practices, a siding project is feasible all year-round. However, it has been observed that fall and winter may be the perfect time to schedule these installations. There aren’t too many constructions happening during these seasons. Hence, siding companies may also have fewer projects at the time being. This means faster project completion for you. You have to note that this may not be applicable to all areas. Make sure you consult the siding contractor first before finalizing the schedule in order to avoid conflicts and weather concerns.

What’s the typical duration of a siding project?

If you’ll ask this question to any licensed siding company, you’ll most likely get the same answers. First of all, the length of the process will highly depend on varying factors such as the type of siding, the size of the house, weather condition, etc. You can identify the elements that may either shorten or prolong the construction period with the help of a trusted siding contractor.

If you are still curious about what to expect, we can give a benchmark that may not necessarily apply to all kinds of siding projects. Typically, the construction is completed within more or less than two weeks. If it is a siding replacement project, there are additional steps like the removal of old and damaged siding materials. Once the new siding system has been installed in place, there are further modifications needed like painting for example. If you’ll notice, it entails heavy work that you and the contractor should make time for. Otherwise, the outcome may be compromised.

Can I add a new siding layer over an existing one?

If you think that your siding is still effective but at the same time you also feel like it’s not working for you anymore, what should you do? Some homeowners who don’t have the time to complete the removal and installation process may look for other routes. If you are caught up in the same situation, the best thing to do is to call a trusted local siding company. Check with them if it’s possible to add a new layer instead of installing an entirely new one.

In some cases, they might recommend restoration services if the old one is still in good condition. However, if the damage is extensive, there’s no other way to go. You’ll really be needing a siding replacement (which leads us to the next question).

When do I need to replace my old siding?

Don’t take your siding for granted. Even if it’s known to be durable and long-lasting, nothing can last forever. You invest in a good siding material and high-quality services because you want to experience maximum performance. However, deterioration is inevitable. Now, the question is, when is the right time for it?

  • Check the siding age – If your siding has been around for too long depending on its lifespan, then it’s an obvious sign that you need to replace it already.
  • Schedule a professional siding inspection – To confirm that your siding is in bad shape, you need an expert opinion. Consult a professional siding contractor to get accurate assessments about your current siding situation. Ultimately, they are the ones who can tell if you need replacement or if the problems are manageable through simple repairs.

While siding can last for many years, it has to be given the right attention. Otherwise, you might experience recurring issues that can result in early replacement needs. Ignoring the damages may also cause structural damage, thus, you have to be proactive in following recommended maintenance procedures.

Top 5 House Siding Options and Cost

Modern house with green metal tiled roof and wooden siding walls

There are traditional house siding options like the wood, as seen in the photo. However, there are more modern ones that you can also consider.

There are different reasons why Lake in the Hills IL homeowners may want to install or replace an exterior house siding. Some may want a dramatic change to the property’s outer appearance. There are people who are looking to boost their house’s protection against moisture, hail, animals, etc. The motivation to have a siding could mean many things. However, at the end of the way, you want a siding that can do both for you. Something that will look good but could also be dependable in terms of performance.

What are house siding options for you? Here are the top 5 siding systems that you can choose from. We also prepared ballpark costs to help you decide if you want it or not. Take note that the figures are based on averages costs and may not be accurate for all situations. It is still best to contact a licensed siding company to get specific estimates for your property.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is common among many residential properties. In fact, it is the go-to siding system mainly because of its promising qualities. It offers a great range of color variations to help match your unique design requirements. The material is made from PVC, hence, it wouldn’t rot. However, it has the tendency to crack or split due to the daily wear and tear. If you have decided to get one for your home, the cost may range from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the dimensions and complexity of installation.

Cedar Shingle Siding

If there’s one word to describe cedar siding, that would definitely be “classic” because it is indeed. It blends seamlessly with nature and instantly adds sophistication to your house. Cedar shingles may come in different forms as there are varying wood classifications but usually, they are in shades of brown.

It is slightly more expensive than vinyl as it can go anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 per installation. The material grade may highly affect the costs. Contact your local siding company to get the specifics of a cedar shingle siding.

Wood Clapboard Siding

When it comes to being timeless, nothing beats wood. As for siding purposes, you can choose from different types of real wood (pine, redwood, cypress, etc.). While some are hesitant to install wood siding because of maintenance requirements, there’s no denying that it is both durable and beautiful. The installation costs may range from $7,500 to $15,000. As expected, wood could be expensive but if you feel like it will complete your home, then you should explore more about its pros and cons.

Fiber Cement Siding

What’s great about fiber cement is that it can mimic the appearance of wood or stucco (depending on what you like). It is a great alternative to more traditional siding systems because it also offers superior strength but doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Plus, it is fireproof and termite-resistant. If you are considering fiber cement siding but on a tight budget, you need about $8,000 to $13,000.

Metal Siding

Close-up detail of metal siding

Metal is now being used as residential siding.

When you are looking for strength, metal is the way to go. It’s also fire-resistant and could withstand extreme temperatures without shrinking. Typically, you’ll find metal siding in commercial buildings. However, it has become an option for residential use as well because it offers great durability and longevity. It is also the siding material to choose if you want an industrial appeal.

There are two types of metal siding depending on the material itself. You can either choose aluminum or steel. Cost of house siding options that are made from metal can range from $6,000 to $15,000.


There you have it, the top 5 house siding options for your homes. By now, you may have at least an idea of how much each siding material can cost you. However, you still need an on-site siding inspection to find out actual costs and requirements.

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