How often should you get roof inspected? This is a question that not many people would ask. However, it’s also a topic that more Lake in the Hills IL homeowners should know about. Let’s find out why…

When was the last time you checked on your roofing’s health? Some homeowners may tend to neglect the needs of their roofing because of varying reasons. And we get it! Almost everyone is busy managing different aspects of their day-to-day lives. But at the end of the day, roofing is something that you shouldn’t take for granted.

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The Importance of Roof Inspection

While a roof is built to withstand external threats, it has specific needs that you have to provide for as the owner. To make sure that it will be able to reach its maximum potential, regular inspections are imperative as a part of your entire preventive maintenance program. Besides, roofing is a major investment and you have to protect it like any other valuable possession.

Roofing inspection is a must because it’s the most effective way to discover unseen problems that your roof may have. If in case there are existing issues, it’s also an opportunity for you to prevent them from escalating.

As homeowners, the goal is to keep your roofing safe and effective 24/7. Roofing inspections are also responsible for confirming its stability. Failure to follow recommended inspection guidelines may put you and your family at risk to dangers. Keep in mind that early intervention is always the solution which you can implement through professional inspections. Otherwise, you’ll create a blind spot that may result in more complicated issues. Undetected roofing problems are not only expensive to solve but could also bring health hazards.

Every When Should You Get a Roof Inspection?

In order to understand how often should you get roof inspected, you need to know when and why you need it. We’ve already tackled some of the most compelling reasons why it’s imperative. Now, let’s identify specific timelines that will determine the right time for a roof inspection.

Here are the common reasons why you should get a roof inspection (and not delay it any further):

After a Terrible Storm or a Harsh Weather Condition

Have you experienced a storm recently? It’s one of the top reasons why people should go and seek professional inspection assistance.

Strong winds from thunder storms caused damage to roofing

In this photo, you’ll notice how a strong storm damaged some parts of the roof.

Extreme weather conditions are destructive. While your roof is tough against these natural occurrences, do not ever underestimate the strength of Mother Nature. Calamities can wreak havoc to your property including the roof as the first line of defense. Some really worst instances can prompt emergency roof replacement. However, there are cases as well when you wouldn’t even feel the damages unless you call on a roofing specialist to take a look at the aftermath.

When you experienced a terrible storm, high winds, hailstorm, tornadoes, etc., don’t hesitate or think twice. The next best move is to pick up the phone and to schedule a site inspection. In the meantime, while waiting for your trusted roofing contractor, stay at ground level and take photos of obvious damages. These are helpful for homeowners who are filing for an insurance claim especially if there are lots of things to repair.

As Scheduled Based on the Maintenance Plan

If you want to know how often should you get roof inspected, you have to revisit your roofing maintenance plan. If you don’t have one yet, better consult a trusted local roofer to find out how you can customize one for your property.

A maintenance plan is something that’s tailored to your property’s specific needs. An integral part of it is what we refer to as inspections. Similar to human’s health, we always say that prevention is better than cure which also applies to your roofing. The more you become aware of your roofing’s condition, the more you’ll be able to plan and implement necessary services. On the flipside, if you skip these important procedures thinking that it will save you more money, there’s a huge chance for issues to proliferate and worsen. When they become too complicated, it can also be more costly and dangerous.

Before Moving Out

Planning to move out? When you’ve decided to relocate to a different state, city, or country, you’re leaving your property behind. When that time comes, you will have to resell your home. And when you want to sell it, you’ll definitely be needing some professional inspections done in order to determine the current value of your house.

Roofing inspections can also help validate the safety of your property. Otherwise, no one would want to buy a house with faulty roofing. Prior to selling your house, you have to carefully care for your roofing to make sure that it remains in a good condition. This will help fast track the negotiations between you and its potential new owners.

How Often Should You Get Roof Inspected?

Contractor doing repairs on exterior of home

Roofing inspections are implemented according to recommendations of a licensed local roofing company.

Now, to finally answer the question of how often should you get roof inspected, we’ve prepared some important points that you need to think about.

  • It’s not about the numbers. It may sound vague but roof inspections aren’t really measured by its frequency. You may have plotted it throughout the year but you can never guess how many times you would be needing it. For instance, you experienced hailstorms, it’s not on your calendar but it calls for inspection services.
  • Every roofing is different. Because roofing varies in terms of style, design, dimensions, material, and shape, you have to personalize your approach. You have to customize it based on what your roofing would require. If you ask experts how often should you get roof inspected, some may recommend at least twice a year. However, it will still depend on several factors like your roofing’s structure. To be more accurate about it, a licensed roofing company should assess the entire property.

DIY Roof Inspections

If there’s one thing that people are fond of, it’s DIY-ing many different things, roofing included. It feels like a challenge, hence, many are drawn to the idea of handling things on their own. While there’s nothing wrong with DIY projects, note that it’s not applicable to everything especially to roofing. It’s too serious and risky for non-professionally trained individuals, thus, we advise Lake in the Hills IL residents to keep off their roofs.

Roofing contractor repairing damaged roof

There are too many potential risks if you will not seek professional assistance for your roof inspections.

Here are the top reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your roof inspections…

More Serious Damage to Property

People tend to DIY roofing inspections because they want to save money from professional services. The truth is that you will have to spend more if you don’t solve the problems right away. Furthermore, mismanagement and improper handling of tools can instill more problems than to create a solution. Or you may be able to successfully carry out a temporary remedy but soon enough, the poor workmanship can result in negative consequences.

Doing it yourself (DIY) is not advisable for roofing because you need the expert hands for it. Roofing skills are acquired through many years of experience and training. There’s no way to shortcut the process. There are industry practices as well that you should observe and lack of knowledge, obviously, wouldn’t be enough.

Safety Concerns

We don’t recommend inspecting high and critical areas of your roof because you might hurt yourself in the process. It’s not easy to access parts of the roof because of its positioning. Some designs may even be more complicated. Regardless, you should stay away from the roof to avoid serious accidents.

Professional workers receive proper training, hence, it’s safer for them to climb up on your behalf. Do not attempt to inspect your roof by climbing up a ladder without a clearance coming from your roofing partner. There are industry safety guidelines as well that should be followed at all times.

Misguided Assessments

Let’s say you have the means to climb up and inspect your own roof. However, are you 100% confident that you can detect all issues down to the smallest details? There’s also a chance that you might come up with wrong assessments leading to more problems.

Licensed roofers can pinpoint the exact roofing concerns. They also have a way to accurately determine the kind of services you need coming from the inspection. Failing to discover the real condition of your roof equates to bigger problems and that’s something that you wouldn’t want to happen.

Final Words

How often should you get roof inspected? Don’t guess and don’t just follow what other people say. You need to hear it straight from a trusted roofing partner. The answer highly depends on what kind of roof you have and where you are located. There’s no fixed number to answer your question. To keep your roofing in great shape, follow the recommended maintenance plan and don’t delay any problem.

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