Do you want to know how to reroof your house? The process may be straightforward but there are many important things that you need to know about it.

If you’re interested in learning more about the process of re-roofing, this post is for you.

By the end of this blog entry, you’ll learn about the following:

  • Re-Roofing Process
  • Signs that You Need Re-roofing
  • Benefits of Re-roofing

Let’s begin by studying the process. What really happens in a re-roofing? Find out below…

The Residential Re-Roofing Process

Think about re-roofing as acquiring a brand new roof without completely tearing-off the old materials. Sounds impossible?

The idea behind re-roofing is to save some parts of your roof that are not totally damaged. If you don’t need an overhaul, then why not re-roof instead? It could help decrease your possible expenses and at the same time minimize waste disposals.

Are you still curious about how to reroof your house? Here’s what happens…

When a roofing contractor performs a re-roofing, they remove old and damaged roofing shingles. (Of course, you wouldn’t be needing them anymore as they are now deemed as ineffective.) The roofers will try to retain some parts that are still in good condition based on their assessments. Then, when the clearing is done, they will install a new layer of roof covering materials on the topmost surface. And just like that, you have restored your roofing’s condition.

It may sound simple as we give an overview of the process but note that re-roofing is a serious job. There are assessments to be done that are truly critical. Any slight mistake on the calculations could compromise the entire structure.

A Guide on How to Reroof Your House

We prepared a simple guide on how to reroof your house. It’s straightforward at first glance but there are other complicated tasks that happen in the backstage.

If you badly need a re-roofing service, you can use this as a reference but don’t attempt to do it on your own. DIY roofing isn’t advisable. Prioritize safety, efficiency, and overall protection by working with a trusted roofing company.

Inspections and Assessments

Licensed roofing professionals will conduct necessary inspections on your roofing. They will thoroughly check each and every element including the braces and rafters.

After this, they will come up with an analysis of your roofing condition to make sure that you’re indeed a candidate for a re-roof.

Even in the first step, you’ll notice how crucial it is to find a roofing company that can provide you with an accurate diagnosis. Otherwise, you might end up with wrong recommendations that could do more harm than good.

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Actual Re-Roofing Procedure

Once everything’s set in place including the contracts, timelines, etc., the roofing contractor can now proceed with the actual project.

They will lift and remove old roof covering materials one by one. It is meticulously done this way so that no other areas may be affected. They also have to construct a new decking to support the additional layer.

When all the preparatory work has been completed, they can move on to the highlight of the process. They will install a new set of roofing shingles/tiles on top of the existing structure and seal them accordingly.

two workers installing roofing tiles

The two workers are now installing a new set of roofing tiles as part of the re-roofing process.

How Can You Tell If You Need Re-Roofing Services?

To be completely honest, it’s difficult to assess if you need one or not. Besides, only experts can arrive at the most accurate recommendations based on your current roofing situation. However, there are most common signs pointing to re-roofing. We’ve listed them down below.

Recurring Problems

Do you experience the same roofing issues over and over again? It’s not a good sign. Perhaps, it needs a more extensive intervention. The only way to be 100% sure is to consult a roofing specialist.

Missing or Displaced Shingles

Have you checked on your roofing’s condition? If you noticed that there are lots of missing shingles, it might be time for a re-roofing.

What’s good about re-roofing is that you can still save a few roofing shingles that are still in great shape.

Huge Damage on the Roof

Do you have roofing problems that have uncontrollably spread on a large part of your property? Don’t immediately jump into conclusions about a total overhaul. Talk to an expert to find out if it’s possible to save certain areas by re-roofing.

Normal Aging

While you can shield your property from external threats, you cannot run away from aging’s natural course. It’s bound to happen at some point. However, as it approached the end of its lifespan, know that you don’t have to immediately undergo roofing replacement. If it’s possible to re-roof, go for that option.

Change of Preference

If you’re no longer happy with your current roofing, it’s also a sign that you might need to re-roof. Re-roofing doesn’t always have to solve roofing problems. It can also be a way to express your preference as a homeowner. For instance, you want to change the roofing material, you can do so without tearing-off the roofing completely.

What to Expect from a Re-Roofing?

Of course, nobody wants to be bothered in vain. Thus, we compiled the top benefits of re-roofing to make more Lake in the Hills IL readers understand the value of having it.

Here’s what we have to say…

Restores the Beauty of Your Roofing

This is probably the most sought-after benefit of any roofing project. We all want to achieve a desirable appeal that must have been lost after so many years. With re-roofing, you now have the chance to improve the look of your roofing without having to tear it off entirely.

Roofing contractors installating asphalt shingles

Once the re-roofing is completed, you’ll see the huge difference starting from the visual appearance.

Boosts Protection

The additional layer of roof covering materials act as a protective barrier. They bring in the much-needed reinforcement to your current roofing structure.

More Savings

If you need a brand new roofing but don’t have the right budget for it just yet, there’s a solution to this. Re-roofing is a more affordable alternative as you wouldn’t be needing as much material. You only need to cover for the areas that are badly damaged.

Final Thoughts

We’ve shared the basic steps on how to reroof your house in Lake in the Hills IL. If you’ll come to think of it, it’s not a complicated process as compared to more extensive ones. However, you still need the expert hands of roofing specialists to do the job for you.

The good news here is that you don’t have to panic right away if you notice a major damage to your roof. The best move is to call a trusted local roofing company for an immediate assessment.

Got some questions? Curious about how long does it take to reroof your house? Or any roofing-related concerns?

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