Woodstock IL’s roof insurers are particularly strict about detail. True enough, this is acceptable to maintain business stability and fairness. However, it results to numerous roof insurance claim denied.

When this happens, never lash out against your insurance adjuster or company — they’re only doing their jobs. Just like any legal engagement, the burden of proof is your responsibility.

The first step to take before re-filing your roof insurance claim is to know the primary causes that roof insurance claim denied.

Re-Filing Your Roof Insurance Claim After Denial

  1. Five Reasons Your Insurance Gets Denied (5 Reasons)
  2. Five Steps to Bounce Back from a Denied Roof Insurance Claim (5 Steps)
  3. Making Sure You Get Proper Roof Insurance Claim Representation

Five Common Reasons Roof Insurance Claim Gets Denied

Incident Not Covered

In Woodstock IL, it is common to have hurricane and hailstorm insurance. However, it doesn’t mean you can make a claim automatically after a massive storm hits and damages your roof. Even if the investigation shows the damages similar to that of a hurricane or hailstorm, your roof insurance claim denied without adequate evidence.

For example, if your roof suffered hailstorm-level damages but there is no local weather report or presence of hailstorms, the insurer will disqualify your insurance claim automatically.

hailstones strewn over a lawn

If your roof suffered hailstorm-like damages but there are no weather announcement on hailstorms or local presence of hailstones, your insurance claim can get denied.

Age of Roof and Insurance

Your roof insurance policy will cover the full price of your Woodstock IL roof repair or replacement after 5-8 years contractors installed it. Often, insurers have beneficiary reductions due to natural roof aging, which causes normal wear and tear.

This is a standard benefit format among many roof insurers, and it stands to play fair. It is a bad business model to provide full coverage for roofs that are much weaker than their new counterpats.

wind damaged roof

If your roof insurance is hurricane-exclusive, then any other cause of damage — even if it looks like a tornado hit it — cannot qualify your insurance claim.

Missed Payments

In most cases, insurers may stop providing services when the policyholder has failed to pay their insurance policy for a set amount of time. True enough, roof insurance can be a huge financial commitment especially for roof-exclusive policies.

Fortunately, insurers are willing to reinstate benefits once you make one or two installments to your policies. It is inevitable, but insurance companies can only provide benefits if they make sure all their clients pay their dues. Therefore, to make sure you always have coverage, pay your insurance policy regularly.

Insurance Will Only Pay Half of Roof

If you are paying for a general residential insurance policy covering every aspect of your home, your roof insurance will likely only receive a percentage for repairs and replacement.

On the other hand, roof-exclusive policies may provide full coverage. However, as we stated earlier, you might only receive half of your roof benefits if your roof’s age is beyond 15-20 years old. True enough, most roofing insurers do not provide any form of insurance for roofs nearing the end of their lifespan.

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Insufficient Evidence

Virtually every roof insurance claim denied situation we listed here disqualifies policyholders from full benefits or any insurance benefit. However, insufficient evidence as cause of insurance denial or partial payment is one that is reversible easily.

Often, a resident who contacts an insurance adjuster without prior roofing damage inspection is the primary cause of insufficient evidence. On the other hand, adjusters can use their own contractors to perform the inspection — and this is where most damage omissions can happen. In doing so, they reduce your benefits or even deny you from them, which is an unscrupulous practice in itself.

Five Effective Steps to Rebound After Your Insurance Claim Denial

Review Your Terms and Conditions

Before believing your insurer is unfair and accuse them of damage omissions, it pays to know the root cause of most roof insurance claim denied situations: misreading your terms and conditions. It will take some time to read your terms completely, but it pays to do so.

These conditions indicate the scenarios that qualify you for roof insurance benefits. In addition, you’ll learn the extent of damages required until it triggers a benefit event, the kinds of causes required to trigger your benefits, and more.

Pay Missed Payments

To make sure your insurer will not deny you any benefits at all, pay all your missed payments. If you’ve been missing them for more than a year or at least three regular payment periods, it is essential to pay them back in full and regularly.

True enough, you may think the amount you pay is enough to pay for a full roof repair. However, if you’re looking at replacement, then paying for the cost of repairs for decent benefits is a good exchange.

Hire an Independent Roofer

Independent roofers available from your local area are helpful in a genuine way especially if the local community trusts their handiwork. Make sure to choose a reliable contractor with the right equipment and testing methods to find the flaws and other issues your roof might have.

Most contractors offer inspection and evaluation services free of charge. True enough, if they knew you’re doing it for a roofing claim, they will do a great job to make sure your maximize your benefits.

Allow Them to Represent You

Additionally, your inspecting roofer can represent you against your insurance adjuster. Because they are independent contractors and do not work with your insurer, they can give the full objective picture of your roof’s condition. In doing so, they prevent omissions from happening.

What this achieves is full illumination of your roof’s condition. No crucial damages that will receive huge benefit are omitted. The adjuster’s roofing contractor can compare data with your independent contractor, which makes the evaluation completely accurate and fair.

Finalize Time of Repairs and Contractor Payment

Once finished, your contractors and the insurance adjuster will decide on who will perform the roof repairs and replacement. In most cases, the insurer will choose their appointed contractor. However, if the terms and conditions states the policyholder can declare a third-party provider under probation by the insurer, then you can use your local independent roofer to perform the repairs.

Next, the adjuster and policyholder will discuss terms of payment including check issuance schedule. Lastly, you will discuss with the appointed contractor the payment dates taking into consideration the check issuance schedule.

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roofing contractor fixing a clay tiles roof

Only trust experienced and well-equipped roofing contractors to inspect and perform the necessary roof repairs you need.

Making Sure You Get Proper Roof Insurance Representation

Finding the best roofing contractor means finding one with the right experience and knowledge when it comes to roof damages. In addition, they must possess the right equipment to perform their tests and other inspections to full accuracy.

If you have yet to find one, you can count on Contemporary Exteriors to help you with your Woodstock IL roof insurance claim denied issues. We are a decades-experienced roofing company working only with dedicated professionals to deliver top-quality roofing solutions and insurance claims. Contact us today!