Woodstock IL’s residential properties see frequent roofing and overall maintenance, which makes them beautiful and functional during any season. Unfortunately, extreme weather does not spare residents from severe weather conditions leading to detrimental roofing conditions thereafter. Every homeowner must know how to perform roofing insurance claims for storm damage.

In doing so, you won’t have to worry much about the financial commitment to repair or replace your roof. However, it is possible your roof damage insurance claim wind cannot provide complete repair or replacement payment.

By following this guide, you’ll know how much hail damage to replace roof, why your roof insurance claim denied. Additionally, you’ll know how to perform insurance claim roof shingles and other residential roofing material, and how to get homeowners insurance to pay for a new roof the best way possible.

The Usual Policy Exclusions

Woodstock IL insurers are easy to work with. Often, they make their roof insurance claims process easy to understand. However, it pays to read the fine print to know exactly the benefits you’ll receive. True enough, some of the terms and conditions may use logic difficult to follow.  To ease this process, you can call on a roofing contractor to help you understand it easier.

Insurers may exempt these few items. However, the terms and conditions may indicate additional exclusions that will have your roof insurance claims denied quick.

moss covered roof signs of poor maintenance

Poor maintenance disqualifies roofs from insurance claims especially if there is clear evidence of negligence.

Failure to Maintain Roof

Roofing insurance claims for storm damage requires cosmetic damage that hailstones, extreme wind, and other elemental factors beyond your control caused. However, proper maintenance can often prevent certain damages from happening.

For example, a roof of 20 years showing signs of 30-40 year old wear and tear is a poorly-maintained roof. Therefore, insurers will have high suspicions about the possible damage it suffered from during the previous rainstorm.

Roofs require at least one to two inspections per year. Some insurers may indicate this in their terms and conditions — and sometimes with an appointed contractor.

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Excludes Specific Roofing Materials

If you’re using asphalt shingles, then you’ll see success most often with your roofing insurance claims for storm damage in Woodstock IL. However, if you’re using special types of asphalt shingles, then your insurer can exclude these in their terms and conditions. Just about to buy roof insurance for a newly-built roof? Then, make sure to check if the insurer excludes your roofing materials.

Most insurers refuse insuring specific materials because of their high or low value. For example, insurers often exclude slate and clay tiles because repairing or replacing them can cause a huge financial fluctuation for the insurer. In addition, recycled materials require so much maintenance, their risk increases the premiums beyond the insurer’s capacity to cope.

Roof Age

Insurers will have you pay less premiums for a brand-new roof. Your premiums stay within a good price if you provide adequate maintenance for it — even as your roof continues to age in the process.

However, insurers will highly likely refuse to insure your roof if it is beyond 20 years old. In fact, even upon reaching above 15 years of age, insurers will likely reject your application from the start.

On the other hand, they will not exclude your roof if they insured it when it was brand new or less than five years old. However, each item listed in this section will affect your insurer’s decision to provide benefits.

severe windstorm damage on metal roof

Minor windstorm damage have a high chance of gaining a 100% repair or replacement benefit from insurers.

Repair or Replacement

Insurers make it clear in the fine print that they will provide repair or replacement for your roof. Therfore, your insurer will not always pay the full price of a complete roof replacement.

In fact, roof replacement is less likely for roofs aged beyond 5-10 years old. Your insurer may likely offer alternatives that only have them pay a portion of your roof’s repair servicing.

However, dedicated roofing insurance for new roofs will most likely cover the full replacement cost of the roof in case of storm damage. Additionally, some roofing insurance claims for storm damage can see reduced benefits as their roofs age.

For example, your roof has 100% replacement benefit during the first five years. Then, at age 10, it receives only 70%, and 50% by age 15, and so on.

How to Make Roofing Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

Call a Reliable Contractor for Inspections

Roofing contractors do more than just provide superior roofing services. They can help you have a clear picture of your roof through an independent inspection.

The truth is, some insurance adjuster-partnered contractors will likely omit certain damages to limit your roofing insurance claims for storm damage. A reliable contractor conducts only transparent investigations that show you the complete condition of your roof after a hail, rain, or windstorm.

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contractor fixing roof decks

Only trust a reliable contractor to inspect your roof for storm damage and guarantee transparency.

Allow them to Represent You

Most reputable roofing contractors will provide their inspection services free of charge. Then, they’ll never charge you anything if you allow them to represent you once your insurance adjuster begins your roof investigations.

In doing so, they give you full access to their investigation data. Additionally, roofing contractors are knowledgeable about roofing insurance terms, which allow them to justify roof investigation results efficiently.

Independent vs. Insurer’s Inspections

Your insurance adjuster’s contractor will undertake the same roof inspection and create its own roof database on damages and compare it with liabilities.

Having two contractors with roof data, they can compare and fill in the gaps between information to show your adjuster the clearest picture of your roof condition. In doing so, you can maximize your benefits and avoid getting shortchanged.

Finalizing All Details

Once all parties close the evaluation process, the insurer will appoint either their or your own contractor to service your roof. True enough, your insurer will indicate on your contract whether a third-party service provider or a contractor of their choice will handle the needed roof service.

Thereafter, all parties will finalize the servicing date, the check amounts and issuance date, and the deadline for the entire project.

Getting a Comprehensive Storm Damage Inspection

True enough, your roof isn’t the only area that can suffer during a severe storm. Severe floods can cause huge water damage in your internal property. You’ll definitely need professional help not just to claim storm damage insurance, but to handle storm damage itself.

Contemporary Exteriors has been servicing Woodstock properties for decades. We specialize in roofing and general residential services including storm damage recovery. Whether you need roofing storm damage inspections or a complete full-house storm damage investigation, we’re here for you. Contact us today!