Architectural Shingles Services in Lake in the Hills, IL

Architectural shingles sound like they’re reserved only for monumental and historic houses. The truth is anyone can afford to use architectural shingles for their home. These durable shingles made from fiberglass have double the lifespan of their traditional counterparts.

The best way to install architectural shingles is to work with a reliable contractor. Illinois homes only trust Contemporary Exteriors for all their roofing needs. Call us today and get a free service quote, too!

Architectural Shingles made by Contemporary Exteriors Contractors

Why Use Architectural Shingles?

Impeccable Style

Shingles are naturally attractive especially with style-oriented manufacturers providing variety of shapes and cuts to choose from. Fiberglass allows them to imitate the quality of certain materials such as slate and even metal shingles.

A Great Variety of Colors

Just like their traditional counterparts, architectural shingles have great color variety suitable for any home with a palette motif. If you need roofing materials to upgrade your home’s aesthetic appeal, then architectural shingles are just right for you.

Cost-Effective Durability and Lifespan

Fiberglass laminated over these individual shingles make them excellent investments. It prevents moisture from entering the shingle material itself and provides added protection against wear and tear strong weather conditions might cause. This gives architectural shingles a truly long lifespan.

Easy to Install

Contractors can install architectural shingles as quick as their traditional counterparts allowing you to save time and resources in the process. Similar to their traditional counterparts, contractors repair them easily as well

Why Use Contemporary Exteriors For Architectural Shingles Roofing Services?

Quick Turnaround Time

Our employees have accomplished numerous architectural shingle roofing projects requiring installation, repair, or replacement throughout Illinois. Having optimized our procedures we guarantee only the quickest turnaround time ahead of the agreed project end period.

Value-Oriented Service

All our recommendations and estimations are honest and true. We strive not to increase our labor hours but only to provide our clients only the best quality roofing solutions.

Years of Experience

Both our on-site and logistics teams have 30 years of experience working on architectural shingle roofing projects. We provide only the most thorough inspections, precise estimates, and efficient recommendations while meeting every requirement you need from each project.

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