Residential & Multi-Family in Lake in the Hills, IL

Contemporary Home Exteriors is delighted to present to you quality residential roofing services. If you happen to be someone interested to invest in the apartment rental business or condo business, we’re here to help.

residential roofing services with multi-family roofing

Quality Multi-Family & Residential Roofing Services

Basically, a multi-family property accommodates several units but these units are all under one roof. Perhaps you’re considering it because of the ease of management.

If you’re thinking about starting a multi-family roofing project, first learn how it benefits your business:

  • Get a consistent, uniform look for your townhouses

  • Choose one contractor and manufacturer for all roofing systems

  • Increase the number of your rental units and therefore boost your business

There’s no other company that handles multi-family roofing projects better than us. We invite you to see our recent projects. Get a look and feel of our workmanship.

Comprehensive, from Installations to Repairs

The best thing about working with us is that we do everything from start to finish. Whether you need us to install a new multi-family roof, do a replacement, or fix the damage, let us know.

But before anything else, we always conduct a complete roofing check-up. Want a free quote? Yes, we provide that as well.

We Use Only the Best Shingles

Contemporary Exteriors works hand-in-hand with these manufacturers to give you a roof looks and functions outstandingly:

IKO logo with a slogan setting the standard


3-tab roofing shingles, architectural shingles, premium shingles… you name it. With IKO, you enjoy a myriad of colors. They resist algae and are backed with a strong warranty.

Royal logo with a slogan building products

Royal Building Products

Cedar shingles that take less time to install, maintenance free, and come in a smooth design are what you need. Royal Building Products’ roofing shingles feature traditional, medium, and dark colors.

Why Choose Contemporary Exteriors, Inc?

Once you’re ready, don’t forget Contemporary Home Exteriors. We meet your multi-family and residential roofing needs in a timely and affordable fashion. Call us today at 847.458.2905.

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