Roof Replacement Services in Lake in the Hills, IL

Roof replacement sounds expensive. However, you won’t need to undertake it every year. Despite the material durability of your roof, it will weaken over time. Remember, your home is an investment and a single weak link, such as a damaged roof, will cause its lifespan to shorten and diminish its value. With these let us tackle with you our roof replacement services that will give the affordable and reasonable price.

roof replacement services by Contemporary Exteriors

Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

You won’t need to replace your roof whenever a strong storm passes through your home. However, if you’ve seen water pooled over areas of your roof for a lengthened amount of time or it has gone through a hailstorm, then you will need to look for these signs.

A roof with a damaged clay roof shingle

Post-Storm Visible Damage

Always inspect your roof after a storm. If you see bruises, heavy scratches, and missing shingles, you can call a contractor for roofing repair. However, major damages including huge sections with bruises and heavy scratches and severe pounding call for critical roofing replacement.

Water dripping from a leaky ceiling


Sometimes, you can cure leaks by caulking ponding or hailstone-caused punctures in your roof. Ponding happens in unstable or heavily-damaged roof areas. Leaks could also mean your roofing membrane below the shingles is damaged and will need replacement as soon as possible.

Roof debris from a torn roof

Wear and Tear

If your roof is above the age of 30, it might be time to have roofing contractors inspect your property for possible age-related damage resulting from wear and tear. Any roofing material past its estimated lifespan will require frequent roofing inspections to keep its health in check.

A shocked woman with mouth wide open while looking at the bill

Higher Utility Costs

During winter, if you find the thermostat setting too high without much mileage in result, then it’s possible the insulating capability of your roof has weakened. A roofing replacement ensures your roofing membrane and system provides airtight insulation for your home.

Benefits of a Roofing Replacement

Lengthened Property Lifespan

Homes are built to last. Ancestral homes made from top-quality material even have a lifespan of a century. Don’t let your roof be the weak exterior link of your home — take care of it with an excellent roofing replacement service from us.

Improves Curb Appeal

Old roofs look tired and worn out from someone viewing your home from the street. You’ll need an excellent roofing replacement to improve the curb appeal and estate value of your home.

Safeguards against Future Storms

Protecting your home against outside hazards and violent weather is the primary job of your roof. Only an excellent new roof provides you this most important benefit.

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