Storm Damage Roofing in Lake in the Hills, IL

The most dreadful things happen during and after a storm. Properties get damaged, plants uprooted, and everything falls into a state of disrepair. Your roof takes the brunt of any storm. Whenever a storm passes over your home and stays for over two days, it might be best to seek roofing inspections for possible storm damages. Contemporary Exteriors Inc. is here to help you in giving a storm damage roofing repair.

storm damage roofing

What Storms Can Do To Roofs

Stormwater does not damage roofs directly. However, if your membrane pools water in small ponds, the consistent pressure will weaken the membrane and material of the roof. In fact, after every strong storm, you can expect it to suffer mild damage. Make sure to have regular roofing inspections to ensure the health of your roof remains consistent.

Partially damaged roof caused by a storm

Permanent Bruising

After almost every hailstorm, you can expect your roof to suffer permanent bruising. These are discolored spots on your roofing material. It has a texture of a soft cushion for single-ply roofing membranes. Bruises will look like dents on metal roofs and it will look like scraped surface material on shingle roofs.

A man reading a newspaper under a pouring rain from a leaking roof


Any sign of interior leaks means the previous storm has severely damaged your roof. Storms with strong winds will uproot even the most well-installed shingles or metal roofing systems due to updraft. The exposed membrane at the mercy of strong winds and stray material will get damaged during a storm.

A person holding a copy of the bills

Higher Electricity and Gas Bills

If you find no leaks and visible exterior damages after a storm but find the performance of your HVAC system lackluster, it is possible you have a storm-damaged roof requiring specialists’ eyes for comprehensive exterior investigation.

Why Trust Contemporary Exteriors for Storm Damage Roofing Repairs?

Well-Trained Employees

Contemporary Exteriors only uses the best-trained employees. Equipped with a decade of knowledge regarding roofing repair services with methods tested through time and experience, our employees only provide quality storm damage roof repair services for our clients.

Top-of-the-Line Repair and Installation Equipment

In addition to their training and tested knowledge, we equip our teams with the latest roofing equipment and technology to handle any type of roofing repair, replacement, or installation projects will need. In fact, we only work with renowned roofing manufacturer IKO with its high-quality roofing materials.  

Warranties For Years

We provide more than a decade of warranty for all our labor and materials. IKO provides its material warranty for trusted contractors such as Contemporary Exteriors. We provide a separate warranty for our workmanship.

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