Summer is almost upon Woodstock IL homeowners, and many are keen to have their aging or damaged roofs replaced. However, precision budgets require actual figures to determine the total roof replacement cost.

This short guide is not exactly a roof replacement calculator though it uses the same principles. However, it will talk about roofing labor cost per square and determining the cost of a new roof for a 900-square feet or a 1,000 square feet home.

Indeed, this new roof cost estimator aims to help you have a complete idea on the amount to expect when having your roof torn off and replaced with new material.

Roof Replacement Cost Guide for 2019

  • Roof Replacement Cost Per Material (4 Items)
  • Factors Directly Linked to Roof Replacement Cost Total (3 Factors)
  • Finding a Perfect Roof Replacement Contractor Near You

Roof Replacement Cost Per Material

Asphalt Shingles

The roof material you choose plays a huge role in determining actual roof replacement cost total and actual roof repair estimate sample. In Woodstock IL, asphalt shingles are widely popular yet greatly affordable and dependable.

Traditional roof shingles cost about $5-6 per square foot. This makes them the most affordable roofing material in this list. In addition, they introduce excellent curb appeal, exceptional resistance to hail, rain, and snowstorms, and easily DIY replaceable.

Homeowners can purchase these shingles by bundle. Indeed, it makes the material easily accessible especially if you just need to pry off some damaged shingles and replace them on your own.

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asphalt shingles undergoing cleaning and maintenance

Asphalt shingle roofs are the most affordable roofing material in the market but still provide adequate protection and lifespan.

Slate Tiles

Naturally-occurring slate stones are tough and dense that it can last for more than 50 years without frequent maintenance. However, they are uncommon stones, which manufacturers buy from miners and process through cutting and additional reinforcement.

Slate roofing material costs about $12-$14 per square foot. In addition, homeowners face higher labor costs because slate is a difficult material to install and requires additional roofing structure support to prevent roof collapse.

However, the long-term return on investment on this material leaves you with a visually-striking and long-lasting roof that can withstand any turbulent weather and multiple extreme hailstorms.

slate tile roofs with different colors and shapes

Slate stones are heavy and rare materials, which explains their material and labor costs.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles have been used in the castles and houses of the middle century. Additionally, they have proven themselves to have exceptional durability with some castles lasting for more than a century amidst changes in weather.

Roof replacement cost for clay tile roofs is less expensive if you compare it to dense and difficult slate tiles. However, both materials cost the same price per square foot at $13-$14.

These roofing materials give your roof an impeccable Mediterranean appeal. In fact, many clay tile manufacturers have a variety of colors to ensure their material suits your roof promptly.

brand new clay tile roofs

Clay tile roofs have the same price as slate stones, but they can last for more than centuries.

Corrugated Metal

A durable roofing material roofers have used on homes and even commercial properties since the turn of the 20th century, corrugated metal roofs nowadays use acrylic paint to enhance its performance and durability.

It costs about $10-$12 per square foot of corrugated metal roofing. While most homeowners complain about the noisy rapping noise during rainfall and especially hailstorms, it is a durable roofing material capable of lasting 50 years and beyond.

However, roof replacement costs vary on the density of your corrugated metal roofs. The more dense it is, the more durable yet expensive for roofing contractors to install.

Standing Seam Metal

The modern and luxurious variation of corrugated metal roofing, standing seam metal is highly dense yet easy for roofers to handle and install.

True enough, expenses add to your total roof replacement cost, but you’ll have a roof that can last for 70 years or even more than a century. Additionally, standing seam metal’s density is strong enough to withstand multiple hailstorms with only minor damage.

However, you’ll be dealing with a high price tag of $14-$15 per square foot. On the other hand, an exceptional roofing material is definitely worth investing in.

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standing seam metal roof seen from the top

The modern, highly-durable stnading seam metal roofing material is exceptional in many ways.

Factors Directly Linked to Roof Replacement Cost Total

Pitch and Size

The higher the roof pitch, the difficult it is for roofing contractors to access the roof. However, accessing a high-pitch roof is definitely possible. It will require additional scaffolding, harnesses, and special walking boots to prevent possible accidents. Roofing contractors will indicate more costs for using more equipment.

Next, roofing size makes a huge dent in the total roof replacement cost. If the roof is more than 3,200 square feet, homeowners will be paying the additional roofing materials to cover the roof and contractor manpower to reach the set deadlines both homeowners and contractors agreed upon early on.

Local Competitive Pricing

If there are multiple roofing contractors in your area, rest assured you can find a better price compared to a city or town with only one or two companies.

In addition, well-trained and decades-experienced roofing contractors are more expensive if you compare their rates to newer yet experienced contractors. However, the latter may reduce its labor price especially if they’re facing high competition from their competitors.

True enough, the best way to know how much your roofing contractor will charge for your roof replacement is to contact them and ask them for their actual estimates. Often, they provide this service free of charge.

Possible Roof Deck Replacements

Once your contractor completely tears off your roof, they will recommend additional labor and materials to address roof deck issues.

The roof deck is the foundational structure of any roof. When it has water damage or puncturing, homeowners must replace the plywood before installing the new roofing material.

However, do not be duped when roofing contractors indicate plywood to cost more than $1. It is a relatively affordable material. On the other hand, if your roofing material requires additional support structures, make sure to monitor the actual market price of additional wood they will use to install it.

Finding a Perfect Roof Replacement Contractor Near You

When your roof needs replacing, you definitely want to work with the best contractor as soon as possible. True enough, majority of homeowners are glad to pay higher prices for premium services that guarantee excellent and complete roof tear offs and replacement.

If you have yet to find an exceptional roofer worth investing in Woodstock IL, you can depend on Contemporary Exteriors for all your roof replacement needs.  We work with a wide range of roofing materials and have decades of experience servicing roofs across the local region and its surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free roof replacement estimate!