“Why is it important to have gutters?” While this question helps us explore the benefits of gutters, no homeowner really bothers to stop and think of this home component.

Our team recalls the experience of Mr. Smith (not his real name). He called us one rainy afternoon and complained about his flooded basement. As we came to check problem source, we immediate figured out the culprit. Clearly, Mr. Smith had no gutters!

Some people buy houses with no gutters installed. Because of financial reasons, they delay the task or even disregard the idea.

For the first part of this post, let’s explore the advantages of having a gutter system. Next, we’ll discuss the common types of gutters.

5 Reasons Why Is It Important to Have Gutters

Prevent Soil Erosion

One of the ways rain gutters protect your home is that it preserves the soil around your foundation. Gutters work to divert water from the roof to an area away from the house. If water soaks the soil repeatedly, soil gets displaced. The consequences of soil erosion range from cracked walls to uneven floors to leaks.

Preserve the Exterior of Your Home

You may not care about having gutters at all but care about the exterior look of your house. Since gutters provide a proper pathway for water, you prevent water splashes that cause your siding and trim to stain and rot. The lack of gutters often results in an early siding repair or replacement.

house with brown siding

This is a house without gutters. Can you imagine what happens to the siding when it rains?

Keep Your Basement Dry

Recalling the case of Mr. Smith, we realize the role of gutters in maintaining a dry basement. A wet basement serves as the perfect environment for mold to grow. High humidity levels are conducive to mold. Mold creates musty smells and respiratory tract infections.

Puddling Water Damages Plants

Since water tends to pool around your house during soil erosion, this puts your landscape or garden beds in a bad condition. It’s never easy to get those water-damaged plants back in shape! Ensuring that your home has gutters installed is the key to preserving your surroundings.

Saves Money Long-Term

Are gutters worth it? Why is it important to have gutters? They’re one of the best investments you make that result in long-term savings. Imagine not replacing your siding and sparing yourself from costly water damage problems.

By now, you can tell that gutters for your home give you peace of mind in many ways. If you need brand new gutters, Contemporary Exteriors can help you.

Choosing from Different Gutter Materials

Now that we’ve answered the question, “Why is it important to have gutters?” let’s dive into the various types of gutters. It’s important to know which one is best for your home. Factors to consider in the process of choosing include:

  • Budget
  • Gutter appearance
  • Average material lifespan
  • The climate in your area

What are the best type of gutters?

1. Vinyl Gutters

6 vinyl gutter colors

Vinyl gutters are available in multiple colors.

Lightweight and very affordable, vinyl gutters are the prime choice if you want a lower upfront cost. Aside from affordability, this gutter type is commonly used by do-it-yourselfers. It’s easy to install – although we caution against DIY projects because of the risks they present.

It’s great to know that with vinyl gutters, you pick your own colors. Choose white, brown, or another color that matches your shingle roofing color. How long do vinyl gutters last? They live up to 20 years with proper maintenance.

2. Aluminum Gutters

Most of the time, people find it hard to distinguish between vinyl vs aluminum gutters because they’re similar in many ways. But between the two, vinyl is the cheaper version. And because aluminum gutters are not made of plastic, they don’t break easily.

Another reason to love aluminum gutters is that they come in seamless options. This means that a contractor doesn’t install aluminum gutters in sections. Rather, they’re installed in one single piece. Being seamless, they don’t leak.

3. Copper Gutters

Maybe you still aren’t convinced with the answers to “Why is it important to have gutters?” But wait until you see copper gutters. The first thing you’ll notice is that copper gutters look very attractive. With copper gutters, you boost your home’s appeal and property value.

These gutters stay beautiful not just now but for many years to come. Over time, copper develops a blue-green hue called patina. It’s the exact color of the Statue of Liberty. Patina protects the copper material from rust and other damaging elements.

That said, copper gutters last up to 100 years. They’re also very low-maintenance and can come in the seamless types.

4. Zinc Gutters

Why is it important to have gutters?

Zinc gutters do well in moist environments.

How about zinc gutters? A lot of times, homeowners choose zinc gutters over copper gutters. While copper is extremely durable, it doesn’t come in various colors. Zinc gutters give you the freedom of color choice.

You may ask, “Why is it important to have gutters made of zinc?” Well, they avoid problems associated with moist environments. Examples are corrosion and mold growth. How long do zinc gutters last? They last 80-90 years.

5. Galvanized Steel Gutters

What is the best gutter material that’s hard to dent and crack? Choose galvanized steel gutters. A thin coating of zinc covers galvanized steel gutters to keep them from rusting. Summers in Illinois can be hot and humid. This makes galvanized steel gutters a great choice.

How long do galvanized steel gutters last? They reach up to 20 years or more given that you inspect and clean them on a regular basis.

What’s More Dangerous Than Not Having Gutters?

Let’s say that you already have a gutter system in place. You should know that gutters need care and attention to function properly.

Poorly functioning gutters can be more dangerous than not having gutters at all. How so? Clogged gutters serve as breeding grounds for pests. They also soak your roofing material and damage it over time. Other issues include basement flooding and mold.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this blog post has taught you the benefits of a rain gutter installation. For homeowners with gutters, we encourage you to invest in its maintenance. Being proactive never hurts anyone!

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